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What are cookies?

Cookies are tiny text files which are temporarily placed onto your computer, there are hundreds of advantages to using cookies. For you the user it allows websites to gather information about your personal preferences and enables websites to give you a more personal experience. For us the website owner it allows us to gather information about the way users are interacting with our site.

Don’t want cookies? You have a choice…

You always have the choice as to whether or not you want to accept these useful cookies. Cookies are, by default, accepted by 99% of web browsers but you can change this within your browser settings if you so wish. A word of warning though if you do, you’re likely to experience a dramatically reduced user experience and you won’t get full functionality for a lot of websites. For more information about cookies and for details on how to remove them see

What cookies do we use?

The cookies that we use on our website only collect anonymous information in order to optimise our services and we never collect personal information.

Essential cookies for the operation of the website

There are a number of cookies on our website which are essential to its operation. An example is a cookie for the cookie pop-up you see on your first arrival (silly right). We have to cookie you to know that you’ve seen the banner and so it isn’t shown again. This is just one example of an essential cookie, others are related to your personal preferences.

Google Analytics:

These cookie allows us to see data on things like the number of visits to our site as well as the browsing behaviour of those visitors. This sort of data allows us to see which sections of our site are most popular and which aren’t so popular! All info is depersonalised and can never be tracked back to individuals.

Google AdWords:

Using the code provided by Google AdWords we are able to better track the successes (or failures) of our advertising through the AdWords platforms. It let’s us, for example, see which advert from which campaign you clicked on before you submitted one of our contact forms.

Facebook Pixel:

The Facebook Pixel cookie allows us to track social media campaigns and identify the success or failure of each of them. All of the information is depersonalised and we don’t know who you actually are. In addition the Facebook Pixel allows us to create “Audiences” of people that have visited our website to show adverts to. This type of marketing is called “Remarketing”.

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