Smartworking Demo

This week we have set up a demonstration area to show one of our clients furniture that can be incorporated into a Smart-Working strategy. The furniture consists of biophylic style products to bring the outside in, acoustic absorbing soft seating, high touchdown and collaboration benches and amazing rustic style furniture to give the workspace friendly and funky feel.

Have a look at the images and if you want to have a demonstration at your workplace please get in touch by calling the office or emailing


Did you know you can lease your furniture?

Did you know that you can lease your furniture?

This can have some great financial benefits but also will help you realise your dream office, help attract and retain employees and impress clients and investors.

With our financing partners WestWon, we can offer furniture and fit out leasing. Below are some of the benefits.

  • Keeps capital in the company for new business development or investment externally for a higher return.
  • 100% tax allowance on the profit applied to their corporate tax bill – average cash / bank loan purchase of furniture & fit-out is 65%
  • Fixed pricing payment one is the same as the last in five years’ time so beats inflation and gives accurate forecasting
  • Funding lines such as bank loans are still fully intact for future use not shown on the bottom line.
  • Can be taken from a revenue budget rather than a capital one
  • Flexible profiles over 2 ,3,4,& 5years with or without deposits


So are you moving offices, planning a brand new fit out or refurbishing your current workspace? Making the journey from initial design to realisation is a whole lot simpler with the right finance package.

We can provide all of this with our normal services like free space planning, free consultancy, furniture procurement, project management, delivery and install and of ongoing course day 2 services.

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Soft Furniture

Are you planning on improving your office? Or maybe you are relocating. You could be thinking about introducing a smartworking solution and creating a more flexible environment for people to collaborate, meet, relax or concentrate on a specific task. Either way there is a soft furniture package suited to your companies requirements.

A few of our manufacturers have led the way in terms of soft furnishings and have created many solutions. For instance the Away from the Desk family of products by Orangebox really do have the flexibility to cover the smartworking principles as described above.


For extra advice on what soft furniture would suit your project, get in touch with us by emailing or call 0845 408 0700



Furniture for social spaces

As a company we like to help our clients introduce innovative ways of creating spaces that provide working smart a a way of life. With this in mind we have been supplying our clients with Frovi products, furniture for social spaces.

We think their furniture is great, they manufacture in Great Britain and the products are tested for strength, stability, safety and durability by independent, internationally accredited companies. Test facilities of international repute are used, such as FIRA, SATRA and CATAS. All testing carried out is to international (ISO, EN) and national (BS) standards. Should individual product certificates be required, copies can be provided on request.

They are forward thinking and have a a very creative team which come up with fun and friendly furniture which allures people to get involved in ideas, collaboration or simply to unwind and recharge.


We equip social spaces – the places where good things happen and support forward-thinking work practices-Frovi

Have a look at some of the images from our visit, i’m sure you will agree that is of high quality.



Have a look at some product images here.

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Workplace fitness improves performance

In a news article tells of a study with 200 workers who completed a survey about their job performance and mood on days when they exercised at work and days when they didn’t.


“The people who exercised went home feeling more satisfied with their day,” says study author Jim McKenna, a professor of physical activity and health at Leeds Metropolitan University in the U.K.

Read the article here

Your company can improve the fitness if your employees too with our innovative gym space design services and equipment procurement.

We can offer leasing, rental and great discounts on purchasing your new gym equipment.

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Want to add a touch of nature into the office?

KI Europe have added a touch of nature to their collection with this excellent piece of furniture that can make the office feel more of  a home away from home.




With all the inherent capabilities of a workstation system, EC4 will bring a stylish, elegant touch to the open plan office, meeting rooms and third spaces. Its beautiful, classic design is backed up by KI’s reputation for outstanding quality and intelligent engineering.

Workstations and tables provide clear, unencumbered space above and below a cantilevered worksurface. The refreshing mixed material aesthetic can be extended to EC4’s complementary storage collection through the use of accents, colours and solid oak feet.

Superb functionality

  • Matching solid oak inset intermediate legs with optional shroud maintain a consistent look without creating obstructions
  • Integrated horizontal and vertical cable management allow discrete, user-friendly access to power and IT
  • Sliding tops available at no extra cost

Would you like to include this in your project? If so please get in touch by calling us on 0845 408 0700 or emailing

Do desks need to be rectangular?

Why are desks rectangular, when much of human culture in terms of shape and form is round? Senator have designed a solution that meets the needs of workspaces to be functional, sleek and flexible.

Orb is a revolutionary desking solution that allows the liberalisation of space through 360 degree circular worktops.

We’re not talking simply about cutting corners, far from it, Orb’s design permits a natural fluidity to the workspace allowing gentle crescents to be created through the simple interlocking of workstations.


Check out more  images here Senator Desks

Download the specification sheet here

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Welcoming new products


We welcome new products to be part of our Portfolio.  In fact we look forward to bringing our clients new ideas.  New this month, we have a manufacturer called Atdec, they design and manufacture innovative AV mounting solutions. Have a look at our product page that shows the Systema and Visidec monitor arms.

Atdec Systema WhiteAtdec Visidec Laptop

CMD Winston Sit/Stand

The new Winston Sit/Stand solution is now available and provides a great desktop solution that has a large working space for your keyboard, mouse and tea!

CMD winston DiaganolCMD winston sit stand side on


To sit or stand, is there a question?

The sit to stand desk is getting ever more popular, we love it and feel it’s going to be much more in the way of norm in the coming years. Putting my wellbeing hat on I can really see the benefit of having them installed in offices across the globe.
The benefits
Physically you will engage more motor units while standing, this means that beau signals will be sent via your nervous system to operate your body, which in turn fires up the muscular system. If you’re muscles palpate your lymphatic system which is a network of tissues and organs that help rid the body of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials. The primary function of the lymphatic system is to transport lymph, a fluid containing infection-fighting white blood cells, throughout the body
The muscles in your lower body use the most energy compared to upper body, due to the large mass of tissue, but if you don’t use it you’ll keep the energy and lose strength. Standing also will help muscles create a natural pump as they constrict and relax to help you balance on your feet, so just by standing you can improve so many aspects to your heallth.
What’s the best technique for standing ?
Yes, there is a technique to standing, by doing these tips you’ll engage muscles, reduce imbalances and feel better. It’s harder to do this with high heels on, so if you have got the 6 inch heels or Simon Cowels platforms on then you might want to get some different flat shoes before you try.
  • Stand with feet hip width apart
  • Toes pointing forward, enough to feel comfortable
  • Soften at the knees to engage muscles in upper leg and to let the pelvis sit in a comfortable position
  • Relax your shoulders, and keep your chin parallel to the floor
  • Its good to move a little to help that muscular pump to promote blood flow so let your body move a bit too
Now you should feel like your back isn’t in tension as apposed to when you have locked knees you will usually make your pelvis go into anterior tilt and your lower back, specifically your erector spinae would over compensate for the lower abdominals.
How much is the right amount of standing?
As with any increased activity, you should try to progress over a period of time.  Start with a ratio of 1:4 meaning for every minute you spend standing you spend four minutes sitting. After a few weeks, bring the sitting down to 2 minutes then see how you feel then gradually build up over time. You will feel a little more tired after the day of work initially, but your body will react and then improve its response. You’ll start to notice when your muscles need a rest and should sit down when your body try to either overcompensate on one side or when you begin to lock out your knees.
What type of standing desk is right for you?
As you can see below; we supply a variety of solutions which have varied height adjustability methods, from gently lifting floating mechanisms to fully electric systems.  Some can be retro fitted so they sit on top of the desk you have now or a fully operational motorised sit-stand desk. They can come in pairs, and be included in a bank of desks with modesty panels. If you need help with choosing the right product for your office, be sure to book us for a chat.
From left to right -Techo electric height adjustable, Senator Chemistry workstations ,Humanscale Quickstand- A desktop solution, CMD Winston- desktop solution