Did you know you can lease your furniture?

Did you know that you can lease your furniture?

This can have some great financial benefits but also will help you realise your dream office, help attract and retain employees and impress clients and investors.

With our financing partners WestWon, we can offer furniture and fit out leasing. Below are some of the benefits.

  • Keeps capital in the company for new business development or investment externally for a higher return.
  • 100% tax allowance on the profit applied to their corporate tax bill – average cash / bank loan purchase of furniture & fit-out is 65%
  • Fixed pricing payment one is the same as the last in five years’ time so beats inflation and gives accurate forecasting
  • Funding lines such as bank loans are still fully intact for future use not shown on the bottom line.
  • Can be taken from a revenue budget rather than a capital one
  • Flexible profiles over 2 ,3,4,& 5years with or without deposits


So are you moving offices, planning a brand new fit out or refurbishing your current workspace? Making the journey from initial design to realisation is a whole lot simpler with the right finance package.

We can provide all of this with our normal services like free space planning, free consultancy, furniture procurement, project management, delivery and install and of ongoing course day 2 services.

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